My Pregnancy Diary Week By Week

Welcome to my pregnancy diary week by week. My pregnancy was quite dramatic from start to finish. In this diary you can read about my experience with Hyperemesis Gravardarium, my experience of bleeding and spotting in early pregnancy (which I then went on to have in my second live pregnancy too). I have written about my childbirth experience separately.

My Pregnancy Diary Week By Week:

First Trimester:

4 Weeks Pregnant

Having tried for a baby for the first time last month, I am very surprised to be 2 days late for my period!  I have noticed a couple of symptoms that could mean I’m pregnant (prominent veins on my breast, lower back pain, cold like symptoms).  I was keen to test and the answer was a yes!

Now I just need to tell my fiancé the good news – but how do I go about this?  I really had no better idea of how to break the news than waving the stick under his nose when he came home from work for his lunch break! In hindsight I could’ve made this moment a bit more special for him!

We decides at this early stage that we would just to tell close family and set off to visit both sets of grandparents to be and the Aunt’s and Uncle to be – everyone was over the moon.

4 Weeks + 2 Days Pregnant

Visit the doctor to let him know that I am pregnant.  I tell him I have done two home tests both positive, but he wants me to go and have a blood test to make sure!

4 Weeks + 4 Days Pregnant

The first of many blood tests to come!  Later the result confirms I am pregnant.

5 Weeks Pregnant

I am 5 weeks pregnant today and its a worrying time as started spotting brown blood in early pregnancy. I went to our Local Early Pregnancy Unit.  All they can do at this stage is a blood test to check my hormones are doubling ok.  Turns out that my HCG level is over 15,000 so they say an early scan is possible. To have spotting at 5 weeks pregnant is a very scary experience. I felt absolutely terrified. To have to wait 4 days to have a scan was horrible.

5 Weeks + 4 days Pregnant

I am now 5 weeks and 4 days and it is time for my early scan due to the brown spotting in early pregnancy.  It is too early to see anything on ultrasound, so they do a transvaginal scan which is uncomfortable, but not painful. The result is inconclusive, the scan showed the Gestation Sac measuring 5-6 weeks and also showed the Yolk Sac, but no Fetal Pole.  They advise that this means either it is too soon to see the Fetal Pole or I have had a missed miscarriage.  The Hospital will book another scan for next week.

6 Weeks + 6 Days Pregnant

I am now 6 weeks + 6 days and it’s scan time again.  This time though, its good news, we see the Fetal Pole and the Baby’s Heartbeat flickering on the screen.

9 Weeks Pregnant

After 3 weeks of all day sickness, I am taken to A&E as today I cannot even keep water down. I have Ketones ++++ which basically means my body is using it’s own fat stores for energy and I am dehydrated. The hospital put me on a drip and then they decide to keep me overnight and put me on a second drip.  I am also given an anti sickness injection of cyclizine. Luckily the next day I am well enough to go home and I am given cyclizine to take 3x a day to hopefully keep the sickness at bay!

12 Weeks Pregnant

Had our 12 week scan today, what an amazing experience seeing our baby for the first time!  The baby is a right little fidget wriggling all over the place.  My top tip for your scan picture is to have a really full bladder as that’s what I did and our scan picture is so clear!

Our 20 week scan is on the 8th November and we next see the midwife on 18th October; so not much happening for the next month or so…

I decided to set up Happy Mummy and use it as a Pregnancy Diary at 12 weeks pregnant!

Second Trimester:

16 Weeks Pregnant
Feeling baby’s first movements – its a really faint popping sensation.  No-one else can feel it yet!

17 Weeks Pregnant

Baby is now a little stronger and showing off for daddy letting him feel the popping sensation for the first time!

20 Weeks Pregnant

20 week scan today on Friday 13th! After much deliberating of the pros and cons we decided to find out the sex of the baby – it just seems easier to plan and you can buy nicer things if you know!  I hope everything goes OK at the scan, everyone seems to forget it is another check of the baby and not just finding out the sex (even me sometimes!).

21 Weeks Pregnant

The baby’s movements are now really strong and sometimes make me jump! Moving a lot at night between 7pm and 9.30pm and moving a lot in the mornings from 6am to 8am.

It’s a Girl 🙂

24 Weeks Pregnant

Glucose Tolerance Test today – was not looking forward to this!

25 Weeks Pregnant

Had my 25 week check up at the Doctors today – The glucose tolerance test was fine, but my blood result showed up slight anaemia – so I am put 3 x Iron tablets a day.


Third Trimester:

31 Weeks Pregnant

Had my 31 week appointment at the doctors and he has detected sugar in my urine – so need another Glucose Tolerance Test next week – All very scary.

32 weeks Pregnant

Had my repeat Glucose Tolerance Test – do not like these at all – first a blood test then horrible gooey drink to drink as fast as I could (which apparently still wasn’t fast enough!) then a 3 hour wait around at the hospital until I go and have the second blood test!

34 weeks Pregnant

Midwife check-up this week, all was well with my Glucose Tolerance Test, she said the doctor was harsh doing it as if she had just found sugar with no protein she would have assumed I had a sugary breakfast and thought no more of it – I did have coco pops!

36 weeks Pregnant

Started our NCT class: very small group of just us and 2 other couples, apparently the smallest class they have ever had. The other two couples are both lovely and it’s really nice meeting people in the same boat! Also had my 36 week check-up this week and the baby is turned – she is now back to back. I’ve googled back to back and it seems to mean a longer and slower/more painful labour so hoping the baby has time to turn.

The midwife said if I spend a lot of time crawling on all fours and cleaning floors hopefully this will encourage the baby into a better position! Apparently me slouching back on the sofa was what caused the baby to go back to back so no more chilling! I am so glad I am writing this pregnancy diary as I think I would have forgotten half of everything that happened!

37 weeks Pregnant

More NCT classes this week (really informative and good fun definitely recommend them!) We are so glad we are in a small group as we are all becoming friends and we feel in a larger group maybe we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to develop such close bonds.

38 weeks Pregnant

The baby is no longer back to back! YAY. Had to give up working earlier than planned due to painful Braxton Hicks; managed to keep working until 38+1 though so done well all in all! Wanted to work as long as possible to get more time off after when baby is here.

40 weeks Pregnant

Ok baby is very comfortable and not going anywhere! All was well at 40 week check. Had a Stretch and Sweep; apparently this might get things moving. No more uncomfortable than a smear test as a procedure.

41 weeks Pregnant
Stretch and Sweep AGAIN as nothing happened at all after last weeks! Induction booked for 41 + 5.

41 + 5 – Induction Day (Read my article: childbirth… my experience for the full story!)

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