Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell Review

I originally wrote my Baby Annabell Review back in 2017. It is now 2022 so I thought it was time to update my baby annabell review – given the fact that she is still played with every single day 5 years on and now my son plays with her as well!

Baby Annabell is an expensive doll at £49.99 but I have to say, 5 years later, she is worth every penny. Over the years we have added to our baby Annabell collection, we have the baby walker, the lunch time set, the car chair, numerous outfits, the sleep set and to be honest most christmasses these days feel like Baby Annabell gets more presents that my child as she just asks for so many of the accessories- which I do not begrudge at all given how much she is played with!

Baby Annabell Review

Baby Annabell currently retails at £49.99.  It comes beautifully presented in a box with the doll and accessories on display.

Baby Annabell is available on Amazon Prime. The amazon link is an affiliate links and I may make a few pennies from the sale of each item, at no extra cost to you!

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

Baby Annabell Review – The Doll

My first impression of the doll was how soft and velvety her baby grow and hat were; I really couldn’t believe the high quality and attention to detail that had been put into creating it, hats off to Zapf Creation they have really thought of everything in terms of making the Baby Annabell Doll.

Baby Annabell Review – Accessories

The doll also comes with some lovely accessories; a bib, a necklace, a dummy which she actually sucks and a bottle which she will actually drink if you fill it with water. Lily’s face was an absulute picture when she saw the doll drinking for the first time – she was and still is very much in awe of Baby Annabell. 5 years on and Baby Annabell sleeps in Lily’s bed every single night.

Lily’s initial reaction to Baby Annabell was incredible she literally shouted “WOW”.  She was amazed when she started playing with her that the Baby Annabell Interactive Doll could babble and cry real tears.

I think the best part about the Baby Annabell Interactive Doll is that it really encourages and helps to develop my childs nurturing side; she really does adore taking care of her baby and I think this gives her some great life skills! 5 years on and my son also plays with baby Annabell and it brings out his nurturing side too.

There are so many wonderful accessories for the Baby Annabell Interactive Doll; there is the Baby Annabell House, The Baby Annabell Sheep Bed, The Baby Annabell Bath and many many more! There really are endless ways that your child can play and interact with the doll. If you take one thing away from this Baby Annabell Review let it be that the purchases will not end at the doll – think of it more like a collection that builds with time!!

Baby Annabell is well and truly part of the family, she has even travelled to Spain with us on our family holiday!

Baby Annabell is an ideal gift for toddlers & young children.