[AD] Butlins Bognor Regis Review | Day 2

I could have had a lovely nights sleep last night; the rooms were lovely and quiet, we had blackout curtains and the beds were super comfy so I was a little disappointed to be woke up 5am – nothing to do with Butlins Miss H always wakes at 5!!  Read on for our Butlins Bognor Regis Review – Day 2!

We had a lovely buffet breakfast in the shoreline hotel; they literally had everything you could possibly want at a breakfast buffet; including pancakes!

After breakfast we went to the Usbourne Book Corner for a little read and as luck would have it there was two red coats doing a story time session!

After that we did the Thomas The Tank Engine activity session then we watched the fabulous Thomas The Tank Engine show; Miss H absolutely loved the show and was shouting out “go on Thomas” and dancing all the way through 🙂 The shows really are a brilliant quality and just the right length for a toddler to sit through.

Having just watched Thomas we thought it was the best possible time to take Miss H on the Little train from Butlins into Bognor Town.


We had a lovely lunch at Syrup Cafe in town – it was so reasonable £15 for the 3 of us! Miss H had fish and chips, I had shepherds pie and Mr H had a sausage baguette so it wasn’t like we ate light!

When we came out of the cafe it was pouring down and the train wasn’t there so we decided to walk back as it wasn’t far; we had to sing football songs all the way to keep Miss H awake (funny how tiring getting up at 5 can be huh!). It was 2pm though so if we let her sleep she would’ve been awake until midnight!!

Back at Butlins the playdoh session was on so we took Miss H along and made playdoh ice creams and dinosaurs. Miss H and Mr H then went into the soft play at the Skyline Pavilion and gave me 30 minutes of peace 🙂

Next up it was the part of the day Miss H was most looking forward to: The Angelina Ballerina Show! Her first words when Angelina came on stage was “Wow I love her” then she sang the theme tune! It was lovely watching Miss H and all the other toddlers dancing away together and learning the ballet steps Angelina was showing them.

Next up it was a whirlwind of 2p slot machines, the rides and a visit to the amazing Little Tykes Town – getting a toddler out of there is no easy task I can tell you! Miss H loved the little race track and poor daddy had to whiz her round about 20 times – I’m not sure who’s getting more tired Miss H or us!

We needed a little relax after Little Tykes town and as we didn’t have long before our dinner reservation we decided to head into the Usborne Book Corner again for some quiet time; on our way in we came across storytime in the skyline pavilion which we hadn’t planned on going to but as soon as Miss H hears noise from the main stage she runs straight over. We caught the end of storytime then went into the library. After an exhausting afternoon on the Little Tykes race track Mr H decided to go into the 18+ games area and play some slots; he went in with £4 and came out with a £475 jackpot win (thankfully the room has a safe!). The win made us a little late for dinner (this is Big for us as we are usually on time or early for everything!), but Mr H had to put his pound coins into the machine £20 at a time to get notes out so it kept him quiet for a while but took a little longer than expected!
Dinner was lovely, we went to Turners and the restaurant is really smart and has a lovely welcoming feel. The menu is created by TV chef Brian Turner and was beautifully presented.

After dinner we were exhausted; it has been a very long day (that will be the 5am start!). We headed straight back to the room and found this wonderful towel art on our bed; Miss H was thrilled at the thought that her toys had been playing all day the staff must have found the toys around the room and decided to use her Dinosaur and Rabbit for their art 🙂

We are going to get a nice early night before another busy, fun and action packed day tomorrow here at Butlins.

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Disclaimer: We were given our accommodation and the premium dining package at Butlins free in exchange for a review; nonetheless our views are our own honest opinions.