Butlins Bognor Regis Review

[AD] Butlins Bognor Regis Review| Day 3

We started our day with a lovely breakfast in the shoreline hotel, then went for Billy’s morning wake up; it was an excellent start to the day watching Miss H having fun dancing and jumping around 🙂  Read on for our Butlins Bognor Regis Review – day 3!
Next we had a lovely walk in the sunshine down the seafront. We threw pebbles in the sea and had a giggle (as you do!).

When we got back to Butlins the Skyline gang show was on so we sat down to watch that, Miss H got a little scared over the tiger that appeared on the screen during the show so we went to the Usbourne Cody Book corner (she’s back to hating tigers this week – she didn’t like a Frosties pack in the Spar this morning!).  A lovely redcoat called Beth came in and Miss H was the only child in there so she just sat down with Miss H and read her some stories; Miss H has really grown in confidence the last few weeks since starting nursery so it was lovely to see her sit and chat away to Beth while we watched and had a cuppa!

After reading we wanted to burn off some more energy so went to Splash Waterworld 🙂 Miss H’s first word in Splash Waterworld was “Wow”. Miss H loves swimming and goes to lessons every week at home so she couldn’t wait to get straight in. She loved the wave machine and was trying to jump straight through them!  Mr H went on the white slide & space bowl, then Miss H went on the toddler slides. After swimming we were all hungry so went to The Beachcomber Inn on site for lunch; I had sauasage and mash and it was delicious; Miss H declared “no like sausages and mash” without even trying one but so just ate a plate full of peas ?. Luckily we had a Hipp Spaghetti diner with us as she is getting very fussy – one day she loves something the next day she will not touch it!

Next up it was time for Mister Maker; Miss H was thrilled that we had tickets to get in; mainly because she loves tickets!! She hasn’t seen mister maker before as soon he started singing the arty party song she was mesmerized and she really enjoyed the show. She was dancing away at the end with ‘The Shapes’.

After Mister Maker we went straight to the Skyline Pavilion to watch Billy’s Story time; Miss H really loves the Billy & Bonnie shows so afterwards we headed into the shop to buy her a Bonnie and a Skyline Gang dog – she is over the moon with them both 🙂

We had dinner at Papa Johns; we went for the buffet option and all really enjoyed it. Miss H loved being able to make her own dessert in the ice cream factory!

I have been determined to win a soft toy on the Grabber machines this holiday; normally when we go the seaside I have one go fail miserably then declare they’re rigged and stop playing; however so many people seemed to be winning that I decided to give it a go – I ended up winning a Finding Dory & a Makka Pakka; Miss H was very happy, no not when I won – when I lost – she thought the grabber dropping toy was hysterical.

Miss H was absolutely shattered this evening (that will be the 4:30am start kicking in!) so we decided to head back to the room and do her bedtime routine. Mr H is a huge Arsenal fan and they are playing this evening so he has gone to Hotshots in the Skyline pavilion to watch the match.

I am chilling in the room eating Jaffa Cakes (as you do!) and am very much looking forward to going to the on site spa tomorrow!

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Disclaimer: We were given our accommodation and the premium dining package at Butlins free in exchange for a review; nonetheless our views are our own honest opinions.