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The Best Toddler Toys For Birthday & Christmas Presents.

Toddlers are adorable little bundles of joy, but they are also brutally honest little beings!  If you buy them something they don’t like the odds are they will tell you!

There is nothing more embarrassing than a child opening a toy you have given them and tossing it aside or worse still openly saying they don’t like it!

Also, worth noting before you read on that I personally believe there are no such things as girls toys and boys toys.  There are just toys for all children to enjoy.

I have added links below to either the products I have recommended or similar products. The links are all amazon affiliate links and if you click on them, I may get a very small commission from amazon.

The Best Toddler Toys For Birthday & Christmas Presents.

The Best 1 year old birthday/Christmas present and gift ideas:

    • Books – books are a great gift for 1 year olds.

    • Wooden Montessori toys – are great sensory, educational toys that make a perfect present for 1 year olds. We had a cube similar to the one pictured below.

    • A ball pit – mine spent hours in there throwing balls around and giggling away. A ball pit makes a great first birthday or Christmas present. We had a plastic ball pit but I would have preferred a more stylish one similar to the one pictured below.

    • Baby Annabell – doll for babies. Dolls make the perfect gift for a 1 year old. They provide hours of open ended play and encourage nurturing.
    • Leapfrog Picnic Basket – both of my children had this for the 1st birthday present and they loved it. I think toddlers just love taking things out and putting things back, it also double up as a shape sorter and made a great toy for the garden as we would pretend to have picnics!

2 year old birthday present and gift ideas:

    • Wheels – toddlers love a sense of independence making a ride on a fantastic present idea for a two year old for birthday or Christmas. We had a similar ride on to the below.

    • Balance bikes – a balance bike is the modern way of learning to ride a bike; it teaches balance and steering this means that when the child learns to ride a pedal bike they just need to master the actual pedals. A balance bike is a great birthday or Christmas present for a 2 year old. We had a similar balance bike to the below.

    • Leapfrog count along till – this was a present for my two year old at Christmas and he absolutely loved it. It was great for shop or cafe role play.

    • Books – books are always a great present for toddlers.

    • Play animals – wooden toy animals are a great addition to books – they can be used to help act out the story if you are reading dear zoo, what the ladybird heard or oh dear for example.

    • Sticklebricks – one of the few toys I remember playing with in my childhood that my children also play with. We bought them as a 2nd birthday present and then bought a larger box as a 2nd Christmas present to build on the collection so that we could make more things!

    • Rocking horse – we bought Lily a little rocking horse for her 2nd birthday and she absolutely loved it.

    • Happy land – this was a hit with both of mine and they both got them as a Christmas present for 2 year olds.

    • Playhouse – we surprised Lily with a playhouse in the garden for her 2nd birthday present. Lily absolutely loved it and used it until she was around 4.

Also, take a look at the ideas below for 3 year old birthday gifts as you could get maybe hunt for one of the items listed below with an age 2+ label!

3 year old birthday present and gift ideas:

    • Baby Annabell – a huge hit in our house; she is more like part of the family than a toy! She goes everywhere Lily goes – including our summer holidays to Spain!

    • 12″ Bike – if you followed the 2 year old gift guide above and bought a balance bike, then a 12″ bike for a 3 year old birthday present is a natural progression. We bought one similar to the one pictured below with removable stabilisers.

    • Scooter – a scooter is a great way for children to get nursery and back without having to walk there and back! We bought a 3-wheel scooter similar to the below.

    • Books – always the best present idea! At 3 years old, children can enjoy longer stories such as Stickman & The Gruffalo.

    • Wooden birthday cake – I bought George this Melissa and Doug wooden birthday cake for his 3rd birthday present.
    • Play kitchens – provide endless hours of open ended fun for the years ahead. They can become a cafe, a shop, anything that the growing imagination can conjure up! Both of my children loved their toy kitchens.

      • Play food – the perfect accessory for a play kitchen – I love the wooden Melissa and Doug play food – it is very sturdy and stands the test of time, we had used plastic play food at first, but the quality and texture difference is noticeable. The price difference is not very big either so I would recommend you opt for wooden play food for a 3rd birthday present.

    • Wooden musical instruments – children love musical instruments. A good wooden set is a great investment.
    • Dress Up – Melissa and Doug do a fab set of easy pull on bibs which make for a great role play toy for 3 year olds.
    • Tool set – toddlers love to build and be destructive. A tool set appeals to their natural curiosity. Tool sets are a great present idea for toddlers for Christmas or birthdays.

      • Cars – ride on or ride in cars for the garden are a huge hit as a birthday present for a 3 year old.
      • Barbies – both my children play for hours with Barbies and her numerous planes, cars, helicopters, clothes and accessories. Barbie is a big investment as once they have one thing, they want it all, but in this house, at least it all gets played with daily.

    • Sand and water table – both my children were bought a sand water table as a birthday present. They still play with it all summer!

Also, take a look at the ideas above for 2-year-old birthday gifts as depending on the child/ what they already have, some of those may be a nice idea and still gets lots of play at this age!

I hope this post helps you to find a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for the toddler in your life!