[AD] Elf On The Shelf – A Christmas Tradition

The Elf on the Shelf

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I cannot wait for December to come around; for a start everything looks so much prettier in with Christmas Decorations up (& is it just me or does everyone you seem generally happier?).  The main reason I am so excited this year though is because I cannot wait to do The Elf on the Shelf again!  Miss H was only 1 last Christmas when we started the tradition & we had great fun then with Elf escapades.  This year I have a Pinterest board of ideas ready in preparation; literally cannot wait to cover the toilet in wrapping paper!

If you have not tried The Elf on the Shelf yet, then take a look at how it works below:

The Elf On The Shelf:

The Elf on the Shelf® tells a beautiful story of how Santa sends his scout, The Elf On The Shelf, from the North Pole to watch over the family and report to Santa on whether each individual is being naughty or nice! Included within the package that arrives is a really cute little elf figure! The idea is that each night the parents hide the elf somewhere in the home for the children to find in the morning – then the elf watches over the family all day; he disappears at bedtime to report to Santa and reappears in a different position the next day! What better way to prove he visited Santa than him Landing in different places!  The reports on all behaviour; both inside and outside the home.  The only rule for kids is that they can’t touch the Elf or he loses his magic!

On the last page of the book is a beautiful space to capture when your family started using the it truly is a wonderful tradition that I hope in my own family sees a battered old Elf being used generations down the line with this beautiful written book and each generation will be reminded of when the tradition started.  I can’t think of a better way to not only encourage good behaviour but also begin a special Christmas tradition.

Disclaimer: We were given this product free to review; nonetheless the opinions are my own and honest.