25 Family Bucket List Ideas for 2017

25 Family Bucket List Ideas for 2017

In 2016 I created a Summer Bucket List and an Autumn Bucket List and really enjoyed ticking things off the list as and when we done them. I found that some of the things on my Summer bucket list ended up being completed in Autumn and some of the things on my Autumn one were brought forward to Summer; so this year I have decided instead to create one for the whole year instead! In the UK you have to learn to just make hay while the sun shines and do things whenever rather than in structured seasons so I came up with 25 Family Bucket List Ideas for 2017 instead!

25 Family Bucket List Ideas for 2017:

  1. Beach holiday abroad
  2. UK beach holiday
  3. UK seaside trip
  4. Visit a farm
  5. Visit a zoo
  6. Go to the Theatre
  7. Go Swimming
  8. Go to Audley End House
  9. Go to a Pick Your Own farm
  10. Watch the Sun set over the sea
  11. Stroll along the beach
  12. Watch the sunrise
  13. Visit somewhere new
  14. Do a treasure trail
  15. Eat Breakfast outside
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Read at least one book
  18. Feed the ducks
  19. Visit a castle
  20. Go on a scavenger hunt
  21. Plant some flowers
  22. Have a games night
  23. Have an evening of star gazing
  24. Take a family photo a month
  25. Visit a lighthouse

I cannot wait to start planning some of these, especially the days out and holidays!  I don’t even know where there is a lighthouse so that one will take some research!  Read at least one book is the one bucket list item that is just for me!  I managed to read one in 2016 just about so am hoping to find the time to read another in 2017!

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What is on your families 2017 bucket list?  What are you most looking forward to?