[AD] How To Make A Planet – Bostik Bloggers June 2017

This months Bostik theme is all about Space; I asked Lily what she would like to create and she chose to invent a new planet.  The planet is called “Rainbow” and I think you will agree it looks a very happy & fun place to live!  We had such fun playing together and I certainly enjoyed learning how to make a planet!  It took us 10 minutes to make this fun Rainbow Planet.
The aliens are called “Blahbababa” apparently! I am sure they are all lovely people!

We also made an Alien Planet Bowling Game which was a fun craft.

How To Make A Planet:

What you will need:

A cardboard cone
Yellow Paper
Blue Paper
Rainbow & Alien Stickers
Pipe Cleaner
Bostick White Glu


First we glued all over the cone and then stick the yellow paper to the cone.
Next, add some rainbow and alien stickers.

Add them all over the yellow paper and then add an alien to the blue paper; this can act as the sky!

Add a pipe cleaner to the top of the cone with glue – this is the very top of the planet.  The rainbow planet started to take on a bit of a teletubbies look at this point.  This is probably due to the fact that we saw the teletubbies show on our Butlins Review break this week.  I have to say, this craft was super simple, but so much fun and Lily has spent the rest of the afternoon playing with her Rainbow Planet so it really is a great toddler craft.

If you love Space Themed Bostik Crafts then check out our tutorial: How To Make A Flying Space Rocket

Disclaimer:  We were given the Bostik White Glu and the craft materials Free in exchange for this post.  In no way did that influence the honesty of this post.