FriendsFest Singing in Central Perk

The One Where They Went To FriendsFest Hylands House | Family Days Out | Organised By Roo

Growing up in the 90’s it was very easy to get bitten by the ‘Friends’ bug.  We all had it!  I can remember countless times I sat down with my Friends ready to watch the latest episode to see the latest trials and tribulations of Ross and Rachel, watch Phoebes obscurities, see Joey try his luck with the Ladies and film more ‘Days Of Their Lives’, Wait for Chandlers Quips and humour and see Monica’s obsessions tip her over the edge in comedic fashion!  Friends had me hooked!  When I saw FriendsFest advertised I just knew I had to go.  Mike booked tickets for my birthday in April and I counted down the months until September when we could go.  I was literally bursting with excitement; my cousin lives in Sheffield and the tour hit there before making its way down to Essex so I got to see some of her incredible photos before my trip but she kept quite tight lipped and wouldn’t tell me much about it other than “You will have THE BEST time EVER.

FriendsFest - Opening scene sofa

On arrival at Hylands House (or rather Hylands Park as it was all in the outdoor grounds) we were greeted with a HUGE open air screen airing episodes of Friends.  There was a marquee to my right with an area to take photos of yourself in the opening credits and a gift shop (from which I bought a lovely little Central Perk mug and a FriendsFest Hoody!).  On my left was a little photo area where you could dress up in various different costumes from the Vegas wedding, ahead of us was the set tour and this was where we headed first.  The set tour was INCREDIBLE; I literally was like a kid in a candy store!  There were original costumes from the show on display and props for you to see in the first room, then we got to go in and see the apartments.  The set must be insured for millions as the amount of memorabilia they have is unbelievable.  We set off to explore the set and take some much treasured photos…

FriendsFest - Monicas Apartment

FriendsFest Monicas Door

FriendsFest Kitchen

After our set tour we headed to the Central Perk Marquee.  It has been a dream of to sit on the sofa in Central Perk for as long as I can remember and I finally finally got to live my dream.

In Central Perk they had a stage with a guitar and a microphone, the idea was that you sat on the stool with the guitar and had a photo…but I never was one to stay within the lines…I was here for one day and one day only and was going to milk it for all it was worth!  I got up on the stage, picked up the guitar, channelled my inner Phoebe and loudly started my rendition of smelly cat…

FriendsFest Singing in Central Perk

FriendsFest was the BEST day out and I really hope they do another one next year because I cannot wait to do it all over again!