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Fed up of booking ‘cheap and cheerful’ family half term breaks that end up with dirty accommodation, bored kids that spend the trip arguing and you blowing your holiday budget booking day trips to try and cheer up/entertain said bored kids in the pouring rain?

Did you know there was a better way?

At Potters Resort the staff to guest ratio is 1.5 members of staff to every 1 guest. This means that the staff have plenty of time to give each guest the care and attention they deserve to make sure they have a fun packed & memorable holiday. At Potters Resort there is an action packed activity schedule for all ages from early morning to late night making it perfect for generational family holidays. At Potters Resort they have a repeat business rate of over 87%. That’s a serious band of loyal happy customers. Potter have the most amazing menu: Potters Resort Autumn Winter Menu 2018

We recently went along to Potters Resort in Norfolk to review an Easter Half Term Break. We fall in the 87% as we have been to Potters before and I can tell you we were all so excited to be going back! The weather forecast for our trip was pretty much either cloud or rain for the whole 4 nights. This would usually set off a wave of panic if we had booked an average UK break. But Potters Resort is anything but average. We had been to Potters Resort before so we knew that despite the weather we would still expect fun filled days and amazing days coupled with plentiful and delicious food. As you can see from this little video we were not disappointed!

We arrived around 2pm and while in the short queue waiting to check in Lily got chatting to two members of the Potters entertainment team who were there to keep guests happy in the queue. I thought this was a nice touch as it’s very easy for kids to get bored if they are waiting even if it was only for 2 minutes!

Check in was swift and we were given a Premium Hotel Room on the first floor. We loved our bright and airy, spacious and comfortable room. It became our little home from home for the next 4 nights. The room had everything we needed and was exceptionally quiet (Potters Resort have very well adhered to rules about guests being quiet at night which ensures a peaceful sleep all round).

After unpacking, we went for a little walk to the restaurant to see where we would be sitting for the weeks meals. We were given a lovely table for four right next to our waiters station (which was handy for us as when travelling with a little one you always seem to need extra serviettes and cutlery when out for dinner!)

We then headed over to the Bowlers Bar and Lily spotted the giant Assault Course and asked Daddy (thankfully) to go on it with her. After that we went to re explore the rest of the site and re orientate ourselves from our last visit. We noticed during our walk that the swimming pool complex had had a makeover which was great as this was one of our only negative comments from our last trip. The other only negative from last time was that Potters needed to do more to entertain younger children and boy did they take that comment on board with abundance; this time there was absolutely plenty for Lily to do (often two or three things to choose from at once). As you can see from the video Lily had lots of things to keep her occupied; most of which involved us spending time together watching which was lovely as we got chance to relax!

After our little stroll, we went back to the room to get ready for dinner and the show. I was still in awe of the shows from our last visit and had heard through friends at the Bowls Club that this years’ shows were even bigger and even better (I found that hard to believe as last years’ was so amazing!). We had a beautiful meal in the restaurant (it really does feel like you are dining on a cruise ship). Our waiter, Josh, was very friendly and attentive. The food, as always, was plentiful and delicious!

After dinner, we went to the Terrace Bar for the mini disco. Lily remembered the dancing and games from our last visit and had spent most of dinner asking “is it mini disco time yet”. Lily absolutely loves the mini disco at Potters; the staff do a great mix of games and dancing that all the children seemed to love.

After the minis disco we headed to the Atlas Bar for the evenings’ entertainment. It started with Mark Brewer getting the little ones on the stage asking their name and where they come from etc. Usually Lily is quite shy, but give her Mark Brewer and a stage and she’s in her element!

We then did “The Brewer” which is amazing fun. Everyone holds their hands in the air shouting Pom Pom while Mark walks round the theatre looking for those not joining in – when he catches them he gets them wet with a water gun. It’s Hilarious all the adults and kids love it. Mark Brewer acts a compare for most of the evenings and he has a natural comedic flair coupled with his gentlemanly nature which really endears him to everyone. He is a real star at Potters and no one goes home without remembering his name fondly or remembering the fact that he supports West Ham (he might mention it a few times ?).

The tales I had heard from the Bowls Club turned out to be true; the evening show was world class, as ever. Potters Theatre Company are a truly magnificent group of entertainers who know their craft. The show for night 1 was 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and I was in my element! Lily got tired around 9:30pm and it was her birthday the next day so we wanted her to be nice and fresh. Mike took Lily back to the room and I stayed to enjoy (and sing my heart out) to the rest of the show. Spice Girls & Take That were the absolute highlights for me as you can probably see from the video!

I headed off to bed when the show ended and we had slept really well; we woke up around 8 the next morning (which for Lily is a rare treat!).

The Tuesday was Lily’s birthday and I had spoken to reception the day before to arrange a balloon and a special birthday announcement. My lovely contact at Potters, Danielle, pulled out every stop to make sure that Lily had the best day; the team really spoilt her. We had a card and present on the table at breakfast, a card and balloon left in our room and another card and more presents from Potters at dinner (as you will see in the video Lily absolutely loved it all). I am so pleased we chose to spend Lily’s birthday at Potters as she had a truly magical day.

Lily’s birthday started with us opening her presents in her room. We then went down to breakfast. Mike had Porridge followed by a Full English and I had Eggs Benedict. Lily had her usual travel breakfast of banana, bread, ham, cheese and Rice Krispies (she chose!). After breakfast we headed for the Sports Arena and Lily took part in the tennis coaching. Lily was by far the youngest there, but she absolutely loved it and the coach said she done really well for her age too; we might have a Wimbledon Champion yet! After Tennis, Lily we headed to the Playdium to make an Easter Bonnet at Bamboozles (the sessions for 2-8 year old accompanied by a parent).

Lily then wanted to go on the Bouncy Castle, so we did this before heading to watch Mike do the Bowls coaching in the International Arena.

After Bowls coaching we took Lily to the soft play for an hour.  I then took Lily back to the room for a nap as she was exhausted from all the mornings activities. I chilled out in the room reading while Lily napped and Mike went to do Badminton Coaching. Lily woke up just in time to start getting ready for dinner. We headed out to dinner and again had an amazing meal. Mike had the a la carte option of Chicken and I had the buffet Carvery option.

After dinner we headed to the Terrace Bar to wait for the mini disco and kids party games. Lily made some little friends during the trip and they all played together nicely while waiting for the entertainment to start. Lily loved the show and won a medal for being Best Dancer – she was over the moon!

Lily, once again, joined Mark Brewer on stage at the start of the evening entertainment; Mark was hosting the Children’s Easter Bonnet Parade where everyone was showing off their beautiful hats they had made earlier in the day.

The evenings entertainment could not have been more perfect for Lily’s birthday; the show was “Potters Presents Movies Take Two”. The show included quite a few Disney classics including a couple of songs from Lily’s all time favourite film Beauty and The Beast. We had the most magical evening and as Beauty and The Beast was on stage Lily turned to me and said “Thank you Mummy for giving me the Best birthday ever”. I had a lump in my throat and was so pleased that she had the most amazing day that she deserved.

On Wednesday morning a very tired Lily from all the fun the day before overslept (as did I). Lily and I skipped breakfast as we asleep but Mike was awake so he went down, enjoyed a full English and brought me and Lily up some croissants, Ham, Cheese and a banana for when we woke up!

Once Lily and I were up and dressed we went to Bamboozles to do some Easter Themed crafts while Mike took part in Squash Coaching; he really enjoyed it and has since considered taking it up as a sport.   We all went to the park next and Lily had great fun on the play equipment.

We all went swimming next and Lily managed to swim a whole width completely unaided for the first time. It was such a special moment and I am so glad I got to film it on our action Camera!

After swimming, we went and had a delicious lunch. Lily was shattered after lunch so we took her back to the room and I settled her for a nap before Mike took over and I headed off to the spa for an hours full body massage! The massage was so relaxing and it’s a little treat that we always try and fit in on holiday. On the way back I signed Lily up for the Children’s Talent Show in that evening as she wanted to go on stage – again (takes after her parents ?). After Lily’s nap we went to try our hands at some indoor kurling before Lily went on a pony ride (see video for details!).

We then headed back to the room to get changed for dinner (you can see a sample of the food available at Potters in my Vlog). After dinner, we headed to the Terrace Bar for Lily’s favourite part of the day – the mini disco and party games! The evenings entertainment in the Atlas Theatre began with the Children’s Talent Show; Lily sung her heart out to her own remix of: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, My Daddies Driving a Rusty Car (its funny because it’s pretty true!). Some of the Children were really talented and the show was brilliant to watch. Afterwards, the evening show was “The Soul Brothers” and they were amazing singing many of the popular Motown hits including my favourite My Girl!

On Thursday, we all managed to get up in time for breakfast; this seems like an achievement at the time! After breakfast, Lily and I headed to Bamboozles to make Bunny Ears while Mike went to the Terrace Bar to get seats for us all for Champions Hour. Champions Hour was hilarious; it was Potters Residents v Potters Staff with the incredibly biases judge Mark Brewer; the holiday makers were never going to win but that made it all the more entertaining. Mike joined in with one of the challenges as you can see in the Vlog!

Champions Hour led us nicely into lunchtime so we headed into the restaurant. We all really enjoyed the food at Potters; there was always so much of it, so much choice and it was so fresh and well cooked; I genuinely don’t know how they manage it.

After lunch we went to the Atlas Theatre to watch the Jurassic Experience. The experience is great fun and involves the kids splitting into teams and playing games while learning about dinosaurs; all in the presence of a large dinosaur! Lily had so much fun at the Jurassic Experience, she really loved it (so did Mike ?).

We went back to room after to get ready for dinner and do the very sad task of starting to pack. None of us wanted to leave Potters in the morning; we had the most fun and relaxing week we’ve ever had as a family and we were not ready for it to end.

We had an amazing evening meal and then headed to the Terrace Bar for the kids entertainment; which was a magic show for the last night and proved a huge hit with the kids; especially Lily who loves going on stage and being the magicians assistant. The evening entertainment in The Atlas Theatre was “The Great American Songbook” and it featured song form Madonna, Michael Jackson among many others.

After the show, we headed back to the room for our last sleep at Potters. In the morning we woke up and had a lovely breakfast before packing up the car, checking out and heading home.

Potters, we have had an absolute ball and we will definitely be back!  If you are going to be travelling with a Baby then take a look at our comprehensive Baby Packing Checklist.

Disclosure: We were given this trip for free in exchange for an honest review.

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