[AD] Gro Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag & Grosnug Review

When we had our daughter back in 2014 we hadn’t heard of GroBags. We went out and bought a Moses Basket and some cellular blankets and we had her Cot Bed ready in her bedroom for when she needed to transition out of the Moses Basket.

The first time we put Lily in the Moses Basket she screamed; we thought it was a coincidence at the time. It turned out that she completely hated the Moses Basket and on the advice of a midwife we moved her into her cotbed at the tender age of just 3 weeks old. She looked so tiny in there but she was a lot happier.

Something still wasn’t quite right though. She would wriggle about all night as if uncomfortable and would wake often. Not just for milk as newborns naturally do! Lily would wake up cold where she had completely kicked of the blankets. She was also a wriggler, we would often find her at completely the other end of the Cot where she would scoot up in her sleep; leaving her blankets behind!

I spoke to a friend and she recommended trying sleeping bags from The Gro Company. We headed off to Toys R Us (as you could back then!) and picked up a couple to try. We were converts from the first night. Not only did Lily look a lot more comfortable but we were for confident that when she went on her cot wanders she would at least stay warm and cosy. The cellular blankets were made redundant and kept in the drawer under the bed. They actually stayed there, completely unused, for two years while Lily went through different sizes of Grobags.

When we found out we were expecting again Grobags obviously made it onto our essentials list (with no cellular blankets in sight!). Grobags can be used from when the baby weighs 4kg and you should always make sure you follow the instructions carefully with regard to how to dress your baby for different room temperatures/what Tog to use and making sure that baby’s head cannot slip through the head hole. The Grobags come with a handy little card thermometer that can tell you the room temperature and even has a little handy guide on the back as to what your baby should wear for that temperature. We invested in the Gro Egg Room Thermometer too as we thought that would be a handy way to keep track of the temperature over night; it also doubled up as a handy night light for when we needed to check on the Baby!

I contacted The Gro Company to ask if they would like to collaborate ahead of our forthcoming arrival as we loved the products so much the first time. They were keen to collaborate and sent me a 2.5 Tog Grobag and a Grosnug perfect for the newborn stage when the baby hasn’t quite reached the Grobag threshold yet.

The 2.5 Tog Grobag is very soft and available in lots of lovely colour options. The Grobag is machine washable. Once again Grobags are set to become another staple item in our household.

The Grosnug is perfect for the newborn stage and you have the clever option of choosing whether to keep babies arms inside or outside of the Grosnug. There is a long zip that opens for quick and easy nappy changes. They are made from a lovely super soft cotton that feels so snug to touch. They come in two weight options; light or cosy.

Disclosure: We were sent the Grobag and Grosnug FREE in exchange for an honest review.