[AD] Skip Hop Main Frame Changing Bag Review

I used to be the sort of person who could travel light; you know the type flying for a weeks holiday on hand luggage only to avoid paying a suitcase fee!

Then Lily came along. I remember when shopping for her changing bag I didn’t take a long time thinking about all the things I would need with a baby in tow. I figured I would need a nappy & a pack of wipes. I didn’t think I would need to plan to take formula milk and bottles out because I assumed I would be able to breastfeed her; I thought it would come naturally. So, when i went to buy a changing bag I just literally picked up the smallest and cheapest in the shop – changing bag – another tick off my list of baby essentials.

It wasn’t until Lily arrived that I realised the error of my ways. It wasn’t until I had a reflux baby who needed at least one to outfit changes to be taken everywhere, I failed to breastfeed so needed formula pots and bottles and flasks of hot water everywhere I went that I realised the error of my ways. The cheap changing bag had no pockets and no bottle holder and it didn’t even have a zip close, just a flap over top which really wasn’t helpful at all when it was over stuffed, over filled and bursting at the seams. We lasted a few months with this then we decided we needed a solution. Lily has started weaning and so was taking less milk, but in its place we had food pouches and snacks and bibs to take everywhere!

We purchased a little kids Rucksack from Skip Hop and that lasted us from that day right up until she started school. The rucksack was hard wearing, waterproof and even had separate pockets for snacks and a bottle holder on the side. It was the perfect solution for us. So when I fell pregnant this time I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. I didn’t want the cheapest changing bag, I wanted a nice one (with pockets and bottle holders!). I looked up Skip Hop and saw they had a lovely range of changing bags and contacted the PR to arrange a collaboration. I was over the moon when she agreed and sent me the Skip Hop Main Frame Changing Bag.

The Main Frame Changing bag comes with a travel changing mat included and is designed in the form of a rucksack; which very much appealed to me after using our Skip Hop rucksack for so long. The Skip Hop Main Frame Changing Bag has loops on either side so when you are out and about with the pram it can easily clip onto the pram handles. The Skip Hop Main Frame Changing Bag has a large main compartment (with a zip closure) with lots of inside and outside pockets for essentials; it also has side pockets for bottles. It can easily double up as a handbag for me too, meaning one less bag for me to carry. The Skip Hop Main Frame Bag has a handle at the top too; in case you prefer to hold it rather than using it as a rucksack.

The Skip Hop Main Frame Changing Bag is lightweight, has a sporty look and is water resistant. I can’t wait to start using it because it really does look stylish and easy to use. The Main Frame opens completely so instead of fumbling through a small gap with a crying baby trying to find what I need it opens right out and I will be able to find everything quickly. Its exactly what I should have researched and bought the first time! But hey, we love and learn!

Disclosure: The Skip Hop Main Frame Changing Bag was sent to us FREE in exchange for an honest review.