[AD] BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer Review

A good quality baby bouncer is an essential baby item. The BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer is fhnctional and stylish. With my first child I bought a cheap bouncer as I did not realise how much we would use it. Second time round I was lucky enough to be offered a BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer Review opportunity.

The BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer comes in very stylish modern colour choices. I chose to review the Bouncer in Anthracite as it was a neutral, modern colour.

Do you need to buy a baby Bouncer?

When we were having Lily we signed up to our local NCT classes. One class has always particularly stuck in my mind. We had to write on post it notes all the things we currently do in a week. Things like take a shower or bath, get dressed, cooking, eating etc. We had to write one thing on each post it. We then had to write a list of all the things we would need to do for the new baby like washing them, getting the dressed, feeding them. We then were told that now we going to be parents time would be a rare commodity and we had to look at all the post it notes for both ourselves and the baby and put them into a priority order. Suddenly things like taking a shower or bath went from being an every morning ‘essential’ to be put on the ‘when I have time’ pile.

When we had Lily it struck me how accurate these classes were. Long gone were my 2 hour baths – I now had to fit in a 5 minute shower at best!

As second time parents we knew time was going to be an even rarer commodity. We also knew that a baby bouncer could give you back a few of those precious minutes. Popping the baby in the bouncer to play for a little while we could then get on and do a few things we needed to do; like washing the babies bottles & sterilising or little luxuries like sitting down with a cup of tea and a biscuit!

When we were having George we were gifted true BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer in exchange for an honest Review. The first couple of weeks we were unable to use the bouncer as George had not made the minimum weight yet. I was lost without it those first couple of weeks and couldn’t wait for George to grow into it.

Sadly, George suffers severe reflux. George spent a lot of the first few weeks in pain. This pain caused him to sleep a lot and to cry a lot. George needed a lot of comfort and there was no way George would sit in the bouncer – we tried a few times but it was clear the time wasn’t quite right yet.

Fast forward a few weeks and here I am, sat writing this blog post while George is happily sitting occupied in his BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer. So what has changed? George’s reflux is now under control (as under control as experience tells us it probably will be – Lily also has reflux so this is our second experience with it!).

The BabyBjorn Bouncer is now a lifeline for me. It’s used all day (in fact my only regret now is that I only have one). If you are thinking of buying a bouncer and if funds allow I would certainly invest in two; one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

The reflux means that George has to sit upright for 20 minutes after a feed. During the day this is fine and he sits up on me and we sing nursery rhymes. In the morning this simply isn’t possible. I have to get breakfast for Lily & I, wash and dress Lily for school and do her hair & teeth. Get myself washed and dressed and make sure all the bottles are washed and sterilised. I know use the bouncer to sit George upright for 20 minutes in the mornings so that I can get on and do other things. Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without one.

The BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer folds for ease of travel. This means that we can easily pop it into the boot of the car and take it out with us when we visit family.

George loves the self rocking motion of the bouncer and I often find it sends him off to sleep for a nap. I would then normally transfer a sleepy George into his SnuzPod as per The Lullaby Trust recommendations for safe sleeping.

I love the design of the bouncer as it very modern and neutral and fits in well with the style of our home.

The bouncer can be used until the age of 2 so it isn’t just a short term use item. Once George can sit unaided we will simply turn the fabric over and the bouncer becomes a chair.

I am really happy with the BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer and would definitely recommend it.