Paradise Wildlife Park & World of Dinosaurs Review [Press Trip] | Family Days Out | Organised By Roo

Lily turned 5 in April and in keeping with tradition wanted to visit Paradise Wildlife Park for her birthday. I am pretty sure only 1 of her birthdays has been celebrated elsewhere!

Lily is a huge animal fan and always loves to visit Paradise Wildlife Park. It’s lovely when your children enjoy places that have a special place in your heart from your own childhood. There was nothing I loved more than a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park to see the animals, play in the paddling pool and watch the animal shows where the parrots used to roller skate (who else remembers those days?).

Of course, things have changed a lot since then. As with most places Paradise Wildlife Park has undergone a huge investment programme and now houses two separate “Worlds”. “World of Dinosaurs” and “World of Animals”.

We were lucky enough to be invited to Paradise Wildlife Park last year for the opening of their “World of Dinosaurs”. All three of us were in awe of the huge life sized, animatronic dinosaurs then and they did not disappoint on this visit either!

We all enjoyed wandering through World of Dinosaurs and even George wanted to get out of his pram and see them. Usually he takes no interest at all in where we are or what we are doing but he really loved seeing the dinosaurs. I am pretty certain Lily thinks the dinosaurs are real – that goes to show how lifelike they are.

We all enjoyed sitting in the jeep with dinosaur behind us – it’s a great spot to stop a take a family photo and all the children seemed to love climbing in and out of the jeep and playing the role of dinosaur ranger.

Lily still loved getting soaked by the dinosaur that squirts water on the way out – she didn’t seem to remember it from before!

“World of Animals” is currently undergoing a huge investment programme and a huge new Lion enclosure is under construction, for those who know the park well it will be to the right of the farm, where the tigers used to be. The Tigers have been moved to a new enclosure.

The farm is still in place and houses the pigs, goats & sheep and smaller animals like rabbits and chickens. Lily really enjoyed feeding the farm animals and chatting to them.

There is a new entrance to the animals and a huge new overhead sign signalling that you are entering “World of Animals”. Inside you can find a wide variety of larger animals including Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Snow Leopards, Monkeys, Penguins & Meerkats.

Lily and I watched the monkeys for ages they were so entertaining swinging and jumping and leaping from branch to branch. They really looked like they were having great fun. We saw the Cheetah run too and were all amazed at its speed!

Lily enjoyed playing in the many parks on site and the huge activity playground that you pass on the way in. She spent ages climbing on the logs and trying her hand at the monkey bars.

Lily really enjoyed the little trip on the mini train that now takes you through the World of Dinosaurs.

We had a lovely lunch, Mike and I both had a burger from one of the outside stalls near the stage and Lily had a kids lunch box from inside Sams Diner with a half sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar, fruit and a drink.

We had a really lovely family day out. There was so much more we still didn’t get to see and do as well. We didn’t manage to catch a show, we managed to miss most of the animals feeding times and we didn’t do the paddling pool due to the weather.

Whilst I am writing a post about entertaining children, I thought it would be a good time to mention the book Ruby’s Worry which is a great way to talk to your child about emotions.

We also didn’t go in the soft play area. Paradise Wildlife Park has a lot to offer families for the perfect family day out.

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Disclosure: We were gifted our Paradise Wildlife Park Tickets for FREE in exchange for an honest review.