[AD] Looking after George’s delicate skin with Huggies® Wipes

Advertisement Feature with Huggies® Wipes

George is now seven months old and the time is literally flying by! It seems to be passing so much quicker second time around. I’m sure that’s partly because we have two children now so we’re a lot busier than we were before; as they say time flies when you are having fun! With so little time, it was extra important for us to nail George’s newborn skincare routine, with extra caring Huggies® Wipes.

George and I have the most incredible bond. His face lights up when he sees me, and he spends most of his days now giggling or smiling. I am loving being on maternity leave, having a whole year off with George and being able to spend the cuddling, playing and bonding is important to both of us.

Skincare is a super important focus for us when caring for George. We always start the day by changing George’s nappy and wiping him with either Huggies® Natural Care Extra Care or Huggies® Pure Extra Care Wipes to make sure he is nice and clean. Keeping George clean and dry is so important for preventing the dreaded nappy rash!

At bedtime we give George a little bath using just pure water. Now that George is weaning we are conscious of the products we are using on him. I feel incredibly confident using Huggies® Pure Extra Care Wipes, as they are made with skin-loving natural fibres and even infused with 99% pure water!

Lily used to suffer badly with dry skin and eczema and we have therefore been conscious since day one to keep George’s skin as hydrated as possible, using only the gentlest cleanse from Huggies® Wipes. We’ve used them from day one as they have a lovely soft feel and texture, just like water on his skin. Huggies® Natural Care Wipes also contain soothing Aloe Vera for that little extra bit of skin love!

Huggies® Wipes were awarded Product of the Year 2019 and are recognised by the British Skin Care Foundation. This has given me the peace of mind that Huggies® Wipes will always be the safest option for George’s skin, keeping it as fresh and pure as the day he was born.

They are also ideal for on the go! The Wipes have become a staple in our morning routine and helped me get out of the door on time for school! I have mentioned before how I like a stress free morning and to be nice and early for school.

They have a nice secure seal and are super handy to pop into the changing bag – this way, I know that I can keep George clean, soft and fresh feeling when we are out and about.

Now that George is six months and we have the mess of weaning we have also started to use the Huggies® Natural Care Extra Care wipes. You never know when you might need to wipe off any smeared in banana, apple or any other food that you’re little one has been feasting on!

Let me know your baby skincare staples in the comments!