AD Family Break at Potters Resort in Summer School Holidays

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that we are huge fans of Potters Resort. We have been to Potters Resort for 3 years running now and we enjoyed our recent trip just as much as we did the last two. The staff are incredible and worked so hard to make sure that we were very well looked after, well catered for and having the time of our lives.

Honest Potters Resort Review – is Potters Resort worth the money?

On arrival at Potters Resort we were warmly welcomed at check in and given our room keys and activity programme for our break, along with our meal times.

Mike and I spent the first couple of hours on resort unloading the car, unpacking eagerly and then relaxing with a pencil marking off our absolute must do activities. There is so much on and usually at least 3-4 things on an hour during the daytime so it was important for us to spend time prioritising what activities each of us wanted to do and making sure we got time to do them.

The kids had a very special check in desk and we’re given their Potters Resort ‘passports ‘. These were such a lovely idea and Lily loved it. The passport had lots of activities inside; different things to draw and sections to fill in. It kept Lily nicely occupied while we unpacked! At every activity Lily attended we got a stamp in her passport. Lily loved this and took her passport everywhere to make sure she got as many stamps as she could.

Accommodation at Potters Resort:

We had a premier hotel room for our stay at Potters Resort. We had the same room on both our previous trips and we quickly noticed that it had been given a refurbishment. It was very modern and exceptionally clean as always. The room was plenty big enough for 4 us and had plenty of wardrobe space and a huge sideboard. We were provided with a travel cot and bedding for George, but we had taken our own with us so housekeeping kindly came and removed it. The cot we were provided was very clean as was the bedding, I just prefer using our own as I know that George finds it super comfortable and will sleep in it plus I feel its safer given the Sids risk of using a used mattress.

Travelling with a baby we took a lot with us so it was great to have so much space in the room. We were advised that the water from the bathroom tap was drinking water. This made it really easy for travelling with a baby. We were able to empty and refill our cold water steriliser. We had brought washing up liquid, a bottle washer, a couple of tea towels and all George’s weaning bowls and spoons from home and we set up one of the sinks as a bathroom sink for Wasing in and used the other one as a washing up sink to keep all our bowls, spoons, bottles etc around. This worked really well and made it a little home from home for us.

In hindsight, I didn’t need to have taken all the weaning bowls and spoons with me as Potters Resort provided them for George at each mealtime. Making bottles in the room was easy as we had taken our bottle making machine with us, but in any event the room had a kettle so again, in hindsight we didn’t need to take the machine. It’s fair to say we overpacked!

The room was quiet, spacious and comfortable and perfect for us.

Entertainment at Potters Resort:

Whenever anyone asks me what it’s like at Potters Resort I always tell them that the entertainment is world class. I stand by this comment. I absolutely love the entertainment both daytime and nighttime. It is utterly absorbing. It doesn’t matter what you have going on back home, Potters Resort is like another little world. A happy world where it is all about fun and laughter. It’s like a little bubble of happiness and I would honestly go to Potters Resort every year for the rest of my life quite happily. I quite honestly love it there. So would Mike and Lily. George loved our trip too.

Lily & I took part part in the family Greatest Showman singing workshop and the dance workshop and Lily took part in the children’s Greatest Showman singing workshop too. We both got to perform in the Atlas Theatre in the evening together as the opener to the evening show. As big theatre fans this totally blew us away and we had the most amazing day rehearsing, singing and dancing together. It is honestly one of those things I will remember for the rest of my life.

We all love the Potters Challenge and really loved taking part. The staff set up a few activities and it’s staff v guests. The ever so biased referee Mark Brewer always makes sure the staff win but only in a humorous, funny way. Try e staff always get bonus points and the guests always end up doing something that gets us losing points but it’s all part of the fun! Everyone who takes part really gets stuck in and joins in wholeheartedly and everyone loves it. This year’s challenge saw Mike getting covered in flour and custard… you can see it all in the video of our trip…

We bumped in to one of our favourite entertainers, Buzz, outside the restaurant one afternoon and he offered us a backstage tour of the theatre. Being huge theatre fans we all jumped at the chance. Buzz introduced us to a lot of the Potters Theatre Company crew, took us into the dressing rooms and even let us try on some of the hats. The tour was amazing and I know Buzz offers it to as many guests as he can. It’s not on the official activity programme, it’s just another classic example of how the staff go way over and above what they need to do to make sure guests are having the best time possible. It also shows the bond you build with the Incredible staff in that fun packed midweek break. Buzz nicknamed Mike ‘George Michael’ as a play on words with his and George’s name and the name stuck all week!

Buzz left us a huge gift bag of gifts on our breakfast table on our final morning. One of the gifts was this mug which has Buzz’s catchphrase on “Must remind you, ALL rules do apply”. It is a permanent reminder of all the fun we had with Buzz that week.

One of our favourite activities this trip was the live music on the green. The sun was shining, the music was great and it was just the most incredible time. Lily got to sing Shotgun with the singer and we all danced and had fun. There were giant bean bags to relax on, benches to sit at or sun loungers to lounge on. The outside bar was open and it was just a beautiful and very chilled way to spend a few hours.

Potters Resort is the home of the World Indoor Bowls championships. As a lawn bowler, Mike would love to be able to play here in the big competition one day. Mike loves bowling at Potters and always joins in with Bowls Competitions on our breaks.

The evening entertainment starts straight after dinner and as with everything at Potters Resort, there is plenty of choice. There is The Terrace Bar for younger children with Mini Disco, Games, Magic Shows and plenty of prizes and medals to be won. There is sports competitions in the sports hall for older children and the usually also something going on in the upstairs chill out area – one night we popped up there before mini disco for scalectrix. Those who know Lily well will know she is a huge fan of dancing and so our evenings usually began in the terrace bar.

Over in the Atlas Theatre the evening entertainment begins with big money Bingo whilst the Children are occupied elsewhere. It is then on to ‘goodnight children’ where the children all get invited on stage and take turns to introduce themselves to Mark Brewer and talk about what they have done in the day/parade any crafts they have made. Although many of the guests, us included have returned to Potters Resort year on year so Mark knows many of the children’s names and usually he knows their football team too!

The children then have a few little songs to dance to in front of the stage with some more prizes and then it is on to the evening shows.

The evening show is put on by Potters Theatre Company and is a real feast for the eyes and ears. The Potters Theatre Company cast as their shows are incredible and would be worthy of a spot on any West End or Broadway stage. Usually, Lily and I stayed up late into the night captivated by the shows. George loved the shows too and stayed up way past his usual bedtime to watch as much of them as he could before Mike took him back to the room to sleep.

Potters Resort Food:

On the first day you are allocated a table and that table is then used by your family for all of your meals for the rest of the trip. I love having one table and not having to queue or wait for tables to bike available like you can in other resorts.

The food is delicious and there is so much choice available. Breakfast, lunch and dinner always have a huge buffet option which you are free to help yourselves too and a few a la carte menu options which are ordered and served to you at your table by your waiter. The waiting staff at Potters Resort are very friendly and all work so hard.

At each meal time a high chair had been provided for George and we were also given baby plates, bowls and cutlery for him. This made travelling with a baby really easy.

I am dairy free and the chefs accommodated me easily. I had a meeting with the chef on the first day and he told me what items I could eat from the buffets and menu choices and also offered me bespoke choices which he could cook to make sure I was allergy free. I had no issues at all throughout the trip which was a huge relief.

The food is another huge part of why we love Potters Resort so much.

Potters Resort has plenty of facilities available for guests to use throughout their stay. George and Lily both loved the park. We didn’t get chance to use the swimming pool on this trip as there was just so much on that we wanted to take part in we literally had no time left to fit it in!

As you can probably tell, fun and laughter are one our favourite things about Potters Resort and the reason that we return year after year.

As a family we have laughed together so much in the few days we have spent here at Potters Resort. It’s just one of those magical places that can put a smile on everyone’s faces and turn smiles to laughter in an instant. We have laughed at Mike getting covered in flour while doing a challenge, laughed at the human hungry hippos game and as for the Welly Wanging that was absolutely hysterical. The entertainment staff, particularly Buzz and Mark Brewer really go the extra mile to ensure everyone has a holiday filled with fun and laughter.

We left Potters Resort with hearts filled with laughter and bellies full of food!

Is Potters Resort worth the money?

Since completing this review we have visited Potters Resort three times and on each of those occasions we paid for our own trip. We love Potters Resort – we have even paid to go twice in one year. So yes, in my opinion, Potters Resort is well worth the money.