Make Every Day Happy |Project 365

This week I heard the phrase ‘Make Every Day Happy’. It really resonated with me! I love arranging family days out and I am always booking mini breaks and holidays; so I guess subconsciously I have living by that phrase for years. If you prefer a diary style gratitude journal then check out these gratitude journal prompts.

Of course though, there are two sides to the phrase aren’t there. There is making sure that every day is filled with happy moments (which I already do a lot of). Then there is taking time to slow down, reflect and make sure I am truly grateful for and appreciate these moments (which I need to do more of!).

Image Credit: Lucy McAlpine Photography

I work a 40 hour week, so does Michael (though often he does a lot more). The kids are in school and pre school. There is housework and washing to keep on top of, not to mention homework and the constant, it seems, cycle of home learning with lockdown and bubbles bursting.

Yet my days are still filled with lots of happy moments. The walk to school and back; spotting animals and chatting to the children along the way. Listening to the children playing with each other and giggling. An early morning cuddle. Watching the sunset. Seeing the stars. The normal, everyday happy moments.

I want to make an effort to slow down and appreciate these moments.

I joined project 365 this week and this will give me the accountability I need! I will be using this lovely blog hop as a way of recording my happiest moments throughout the week. I will write a gratitude journal and take at least one photo a day so that at the end of the week I can write my project 365 post and share my highlights. Today will be first day of journalling so for me, project 365 will be a Saturday to Friday round up!

It does feel a little odd joining an annual project 3 months into the year, but there is never a better time to make a change than the present moment!

Do visit the other blogs listed on the blog hop below as they are written by some truly wonderful people; one of whom I am lucky enough to count as a friend. I hope to get to meet you all one day!