Make Every Day Happy Week 1 – 27th March to 2nd April

This is my weekly round up of how I made every day happy in some way! An accountability post for gratitude you could say!


I read in a local Facebook group that a local farmer has a fold of Highland Cows and that there were now some baby Highland Cows on the farm. I also read that there was a public footpath right next to the pens they were in – though in reality this was much better than expected the footpath literally went through the middle of the animals.

We took a stroll in the hope of seeing them and had no idea how many we would see; I guessed 2 to 4 and Lily and Mike guessed more than 4.

Turns out there were about 20+ adult Highland Cows, a Bull Highland Cow adn quite a few baby Highland Cows. As a bonus we also saw a goat with her babies, some horses and a pig – who was munching away on some raw potatoes!

The children loved seeing all the animals; though George was disappointed that we didn’t let him feed the Cows a Digestive!

After seeing the animals we went to my Mums (who is in our household bubble) and a lovely McDonald’s with Nanna. The kids love going to Nannas and playing with all their toys there – it’s like a kids paradise.

We came home to watch the big game via a live stream. My step brother manages Hornchurch FC and they had a HUGE match to play against Notts County – the winner would earn a place in the FA Trophy Final, being played at Wembley in May.

My step brother has a good history in the competition and has won it so many times both as a player and manager. Notably he was the first manager to win a trophy at the new Wembley stadium.

A thrilling match saw us come from beind 3 times to tie the game at 3 v 3 after 90 minutes. Then it went straight to penalties, our keeper saved one, our penalty takers were all awesome but especially Chris Dickson who took the last Penalty and with nerves of steel slotted home the winner to secure Hornchurch a place in the final at Wembley. Our house went absolutely nuts! As I’m sure a lot of other households did.

We are all now planning a big family day out at Wembley stadium in May! Hopefully restrictions will be lifted enough by then to allow five thousand people into the stadium – according to the current road map.

I know its a little strange starting a weekly round up post on a Saturday, but, as I mentioned last week I joined Project 365 on a Saturday so my week will run Saturday to Friday!


On Sunday we were still over the moon with the Hornchurch result and began pla Bing our trip to Wembley!

Mike and George are both getting really wild hair from the hairdressers being closed so Lily and I styled them with a little pineapple!

We took a stroll round a local park and came home for a Pizza Hut.

My weekdays are really busy. I work a 40 hour week doing Marketing for an IT Support Company in Essex. I am lucky to be able work for really lovely bosses and be able to work from home full time, with the flexibility to be able to drop my kids off at school and pick them up after (during term time of course).

I work a 40 hour week, but I still managed to make every day happy in some way.

Monday – I sat in the garden during my lunchtime and the sun was shining. Was so lovely to feel the sun on my face.

Tuesday – Mums had a singer in her garden so I popped round in my lunch hour for a bit with George and it was really lovely.

Wednesday – Mike cooked us a lovely dinner of chops and mash with his gorgeous sauce he does.

Thursday – April Fools Day! We did get someone, I guess I can reveal the full details next week as they don’t actually know it was us just yet haha. We had a lovely chippy takeaway to kick off my week off work next week.

Friday – My birthday & Good Friday! Double celebrations. I was thoroughly spoilt and had such an amazing day. Lily bought me a cake stand and tea set and Mike helped her make me an afternoon tea. Mike bought me an overnight stay in Southwold, gave me money for clothes and lots of Nomo chocolate bars. My mum bought me and Teddy, a friends puzzle and a Cath Kidston bag. I also got a Next voucher and have presents still to come on Sunday!

I hope you all had a happy week. What was your happy highlight?

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