Make Every Day Happy – Week 1 #Project365


On Saturday we went to High Wych, the village down the road to their annual scarecrow festival. The festival is on every year and we always go as they really go to town. Most of the houses make incredibly elaborate creations and you can vote your favourite. The overall winner then has to create the centerpiece on the roundabout for the next year’s show. This year’s standout entry for us was Peter Rabbit with Lily and Benjamin and Mr McGregors garden – they even had the theme tune playing on loop. There was live music too which the kids loved boogying along too and also the compulsory ice lolly/ice cream in the park after our picnic.

The day finished with Geoege asleep in bed, Mike out at Football and Lily and I watching the hit list with a pizza hut take away!

If you want to look at more of the scarecrows head over to my Instagram


I want to say chill day as it started off slowly with Lily and I watching Emma Raducanu’s US Open win (I had recorded it so we watched it as if it were live). Amazing win, what a talent.

Inspired by Raducanu’s victory we thrn headed into the garden for some tennis before heading out to the local tennis courts to play.

It was a chilled out with an energetic hour or so in the middle!


On Monday the weather was lovely and I had friend over for lunch in the garden. I also designed my new blog header – feedback welcome!


On Tuesday on the walk home from school George was fascinated with a butterfly. It kept flying around us then landing on this plant. We spent ages just watching it.

I took the kids to swimming lessons after school. George is in the parent and toddler class so I swim with him and he was laughing and giggling the whole way through the lesson it was such a joy.


Lily had her first tennis lesson back after an 8 week summer holiday break and absolutely smashed it. She just has the grace and stance of a pro it’s lovely to watch.


Mike returned home from his work trip. It was so lovely to see him as we had all missed him this week. We all went to Pizza Hut for dinner. It still amazes me that George eats so much from the salad bar!

Lily also went to theatre school for the first time since last October as they closed due to Covid as she was so excited.


On Friday we booked tickets for Robin Hood at Harlow Playhouse; cannot wait to see the children’s faces when we surprise them with a visit over the Christmas holidays.

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  • Galina V

    The scarcrow festival sounds wonderful. Love the Gruffalo. It’s lovely that life is slowly beginning to get back to as it used to be before covid, though it won’t be ever the same again completely. The tickets to Robin Hood will be a great surprise. The swimming lesson sounds delightful.

  • Mudpie Fridays

    Love the new header and well designed. The tennis was amazing and how lovely it inspired you to go and play again too. I must admit I am glad I don’t have to get into the pool for the lessons anymore. I’ve booked a Pantomoine too and can’t wait just hoping that Harry has the staying power he’s not really ever been to anything like that before. Xx

  • Kara Guppy

    I cannot wait for panto season, the kids are getting a bit old for Santa visits, so it’s always a christmas highlight. Glad the tennis lesson went well, I love watching mine get involved with sports

  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Scarecrow trails are always fun. I love the Gruffalo one. Love your new blog name and header. Glad Lily enjoyed being back at tennis and theatre school. We’ve just booked some panto tickets too – isn’t it lovely to be able to look forward to things like this again? #project365

  • Chickenruby

    We need a scarecrow festival here, I’ve got a bale of hay and some old clothes I need to make into a scarecrow soon. Lovely to have the children’s activites back up and running, glad your daughter enjoys her tennis.

  • Emma T

    Ah, it’s so nice when activities start up again. You’re so lucky to have an indoor tennis centre. Oxfordshire is severely lacking in facilities. There’s only 1 public free court in town (well another 2 but people cycle on it and there’s rarely nets up). There’s meant to be one in our town at some point as it was one chosen of the 40 LTA indoor centres, but 2 years later, there’s tonnes of development but still no mention of any tennis facilities. V frustrating as we can’t get court time we want because the coaches don’t have court access. A local private school the coach can use, still won’t let non students onto campus due to covid. I’m loving getting back to playing again – we played again today in the sun, it was lovely, and my serves are getting better!

    • organisedbyroo

      Oh wow I can’t believe that I thought indoor and outdoor courts must have been pretty standard, we have a big tennis centre with indoor courts and outdoor courts where she does lessons and then every little area in our town has their own courts too. So nice to be playing again. I only play against Lily as I’m not very good, she is better than. R at 7 x

  • Kim Carberry

    The Scarecrow festival sounds like fun. We had one a few months ago in our little town.
    I love your new bog header and the new name.
    It sounds like Lily is getting on well with the tennis. x

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