[AD] Barbie Summer Villa with Roll Review

We were sent the Barbie summer villa with doll for review.

My children love Barbie – Lily has a room full of Barbie dolls, 2 Campervan, the airplane, a house, the ambulance and the food truck among many many other sets.

It all gets played with by both children, except the small number of tiny items that are hidden away for only Lily to play with as they are too small for George.

When we were offered the Barbie Summer villa with doll to review I accepted straight away and was really excited to see the children’s faces when they saw it!

Toysandbears.com were amazing and delivery was really quick.

About the Barbie Summer Villa with Doll:

The Barbie Summer Villa with Doll is quite large at 70cm tall x 79cm wide x 38 cm deep.  It is made of eco friendly cardboard rather than plastic as usual with Barbie toys.  It is designed to replicate a super-modern dream holiday villa, on two floors with a veranda and pool, lots of rooms, and 3D furniture… all Barbie sized! One Barbie is included in the box.

It comes flat pack and initially I was overwhelmed when I looked at how many pieces of cardboard there, however it turned out really easy to put together and the instructions were great.

I was worried at first about it being cardboard as my 2 year old often plays Barbies with Lily and as you can probably guess he is not very gentle! Thr instructions said to be careful and gentle with it but we decided to just put it in the room, let the kids play and do a proper road test with it.

I am surprised at how sturdy it is, it is has been a little manhandled by an over zealous toddler but it has still kept its shape; occasionally a little piece will pop out, but it slots back in right away and overall I am really impressed.

The only criticism I would give is that my 7 year old needs to lay down to get to the bottom floor but it’s not exactly a major draw back!

Both children love playing with the Summer Villa.