Amimatronic Dinosaur at Paradise Wildlife Park

Why I am buying an annual pass to Paradise Wildlife Park | Family Days Out | Organised By Roo

I have been visiting Paradise Wildlife Park regularly since I was a young child. I have always lived within a 20 minute drive. When I was younger I used to love having a dip in the paradise lagoon then watching the animal shows where the parrots used to roller skate (who else remembers those days?). I still love Paradise Wildlife Park and it is amazing to watch my children having fun at a place that holds so many childhood memories for me.

Paradise Wildlife Park is so much more than a wildlife park with lots of playgrounds, a little train, the paradise lagoon, crazy golf course, soft play and the new world of dinosaurs. It feels like Paradise Wildlife Park is constantly expanding and improving – it has a new lion enclosure, a new tiger enclosure and sun bears and jaguars are on the way soon!

Paradise Wildlife Park is the sort of place you visit over and over again and still enjoy. We go so often that it will be far cheaper overall to buy a family annual pass.

The Paradise Wildlife Park annual pass is, at time of writing, £300 for a family of 4. This can be paid via standing order. The process sounds really simple too. The next time I go I need to ask for an annual pass form at the gate (I don’t need to book that trip as currently, at time of writing, annual pass holders can visit anytime without pre booking). Once I have filled in the annual pass form I pay £75 there and then on card, then £27 per month is paid via standing order for a minimum of 12 months; the payment carries on until you decide to cancel.

I am excited to be buying an annual pass as it means lots more fun day out at Paradise for us. Lots more happy memories to be made.