Make Every Day Happy – Week 4

Another week of feeling not the best; still recovering from the infection, but still trying to focus and record life’s positives in my little online gratitude diary.


Went out for a lovely meal for my cousins birthday. Great food and great company.


Mike cooked the first roast of autumn/winter 2021! What a belter it was too, nicest roast chicken ever.


Lovely apple strudel! Getting a bit foodie this week isn’t it!


Grateful to the NHS as I had to call an ambulance with a pulse of 178 beats per minute. Looks like it was probably caused by my infection and I was given new antibiotics. My heart rate showed irregularities on the ECG so further investigation necessary at a later date. 


Had a quote for new windows, but while he was here the man gave me a really good idea for the hallway so pleased with that as it will make it bigger and increase vital coat and shoe storage. I did find the door pages a bit overwhelming so many doors to choose from!


Lily drew a beautiful picture as part of a competition the school were running to design a statue.


Lily and George looked so cute for the wear yellow to school day. They really are so close it melts my heart. Lily came home with a headteachers award too!