Make Every Day Happy – Week 5


Mike and I went on a date to see the new Bond film. We had popcorn and drinks and really enjoyed the film. I turned my back for 2 seconds and this little character had managed to put my jumper on!


We went for dinner with Mike’s family then we all went to the theatre to watch a show which Mike’s sister had choreographed.


I read the whole of my favourite book before bed.


Lily wrote the most amazing poem for the school poetry slam and read it out in front of the whole school. They had to write the poem with an adult so I asked what theme Lily wanted and what information she wanted to include and helped with the rhyming elements. It was very well received; the head teacher even made a comment to Lily’s teacher about it as most of children wrote about food etc

Wednesday to Friday we got hit by the worst sickness bug ever. There was no happy moments and you know what, sometimes in life – life happens!