How to be more organised | Organisation Tips

Would you like to be more organised? Would you like to be the parent who hands in the school play costume the day after the letter came home! It certainly saves being chased by the teacher, rushing out to the shops last minute to find that all the star costumes have now sold out!

You get the idea!

Being organised saves you time and effort in the long run.

It is achievable. You can be more organised. You need the motivation to change and to give yourself time to practice your new organised habit.

I have not always been organised – anyone who went to Uni with me would tell you that! We once had an exam that we had to wear a suit for and my friend and I completely forgot to wear one. We had to run over to the New Look opposite our Uni campus in St Albans to buy a suit for the exam and we only just managed to get changed in time for the exam!

There was also the time I’d convinced myself the Take That tickets I bought were for the Saturday show only to find out on the Saturday morning when I checked the tickets that they had been for the night before and I had missed the whole thing and paid for the privilege!

I began getting more organised when I met Mike, he is affectionately nick named Billy Butlin by my family due to his meticulous planning and attention to detail. When we became parents things changed even more.

Routines became a staple for us to base our family life around. Organisation became my day job as I became an executive assistant to a director at work. Suddenly I had gone from being a disorganised mess to someone who meticulously planning events for 300 attendees in a foreign country!

Organisation took time, practice and commitment. Every time I committed my time to a project or event I noted the date and time straight down on my calendar – a simple step like that has so far prevented another missed concert.

It is thought that it takes around 12 weeks to form new habits and routines. Picture yourself in 12 weeks time with an organised, clean home turning up to an event on time, prepped and ready to go!

It is achievable. It does not matter how messy or chaotic your life feels right now you can achieve an organised stress free routine and lifestyle.

The dictionary definition of Motivation is: “A person’s desire or willingness to do something.” What this means is that you have to WANT to change. You have to want an organised, peaceful, stress free life. A life where the jobs are planned for and done and there is time planned for you to be able rest, relax and realise your goals and dreams.

Sounds perfect right! You want your daily tasks to become a part of your daily routines.

Start with small, manageable daily goals. If you are currently living a chaotic life overrun by clutter, panic and a body fuelled by the adrenaline of running late it will take time to change.

Allow yourself the time to change. Enjoy the process of change. Be realistic about your goals. The idea is to work towards continuing improvements. Little daily steps to help you towards your goals in a manageable way.

Think about your time carefully; time is a precious resource and we only get to use each minute once so make sure you are spending your time wisely. When you asked if you want to go to an event or party for example don’t just say yes automatically. Think about it first. Is it truly something that will make you happy? Does it bring you closer to your goals? Does it allow time to connect and have fun with people you enjoy spending time with?

Time is precious. See it as so and stop committing to things that your heart is simply not in. Check out the weekly cleaning routine if you are looking for a time saver!