Simple and Effective household Cleaning Routine with printable cleaning schedule

Cleaning your house can be a time-consuming and daunting task. I have created a simple and easy cleaning schedule that will help you avoid the stress and overwhelm that comes with tackling household chores.

The cleaning schedule is split into Daily and Weekly Tasks and includes a Checklist to keep your home sparkling.

I am a married Mum of two who works full time. Until recently I found the best way for us to keep on top of the cleaning was to hire a cleaner every fortnight. That all changed the day I received my diagnosis of a severe dust mite allergy – the house and cleanliness suddenly became a top priority to help me manage and alleviate my symptoms.

I had little idea where or how to start so I tried out a few common cleaning schedules and routines. Whilst these were good on the whole; they lacked a full 360 view of everything that needed doing within the home – there was no set bathroom time on one routine I tried and ironing seemed to be ignored on most of them.

That meant that whilst most of my home had began to sparkly daily there were still some hotspots that needed tackling – by hotspots I mean a huge ironing pile and a bathroom lacking in the full attention it needed!

I decided to set my own cleaning schedule and it has worked wonders. I have managed to get on top and stay on top of things and what I love most is that I have been able to structure it so that the weeks are pretty busy, but we manage to get the weekends to ourselves mostly (except washing which needs to be done daily to avoid drowning & little things like washing up & drying up after lunch/tea if we eat in.

The cleaning schedule is easy to follow and has helped me to maintain a relatively dust mite allergy free life within my home.

The cleaning routine breaks things down by task rather than by area; this avoids you carrying the same materials into a different room every day – much easier to just batch do a job throughout the whole house a do a different job the next day.

The cleaning schedule is very easy to follow and should take no longer than an hour a day (maximum!). Some days are quicker than others inevitably but there were some jobs that had to be matched together otherwise it didn’t make sense – for example there is no point dusting and hoovering a bedroom and then leaving on a duvet set that is covered in dust that has flown around the room in the process!

I have also put together a list of what I deem essential cleaning items – you will probably find this list is in fact shorter than the amount of cleaning products you actually might own – there are a ton of products on the market and there are many people with quite the collection, but I prefer a less toxic less environmentally destructive approach where possible.

I try to stick to products recommended by Allergy UK and try and include ones that are eco friendly – allergy & eco friendly cleaning are a high priority here! I find I can get a great window clean just by using a special glass cleaning set of cloths!

Cleaning Schedule/Household Routine

Daily including weekends: Washing/Drying Clothes. Cooking. Washing and Drying Up. Empty bins. Vacuum high traffic areas. Clean kitchen floor in evening.

Mite Free Monday: Dust bedrooms, Vacuum whole house then change all bedding.

Bathroom Blitz Tuesday: scrub – tiles/floors/glass/counters/wash mat/wash Towels

Wash it Wednesday: Clean kitchen and appliances. Wash mirrors and windows.

Ironing Thursday: Ironing

Freshen up Friday: Dust and Vacuum downstairs, mop hard floors/Wash Towels. Wash throws and Cushion covers.

This cleaning schedule has been designed to fit in seamlessly with daily life. Ironing for example is done on a Thursday so you have a whole wardrobe to choose from when going out and about at the weekend. Visitors are more likely to drop by on a weekend so a freshen up Friday is included to ensure downstairs is clean, sparkling and welcoming!

If you find this cleaning schedule is taking a long time then you may need to consider having a good declutter! Invest in some good closed storage solutions and keep at it. As with anything the more often you do it the quicker and easier is it is to do!

As you will see washing clothes is something that needs to be done daily, especially in a family of four if we skip a day it’s game over and we are swamped! We try to be a little eco friendly with our clothes washing and wash underwear and T Shirts after each use but wear pyjamas, hoodies, jumpers and jeans around 2-3 x between washes – unless visibly dirty or unless anyone in the house is unwell with a bug. If anyone is unwell everything gets washed daily!

Printable Cleaning Schedule with Checklist:

Cleaning Products for those with dust mite allergies/ fragrance allergies and asthma:

HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner – I love my Shark Anti Hair Wrap – it’s easy to use, folds for easy storage and is cordless for extra freedom of movement.

Microfibre Cloths – I have a good stash of Microfibre cloths and use them in a colour coordinated way – Blue for the loo, pink for sinks, orange to bust dust and green to clean!

Ecover – I use Ecover Zero to wash our laundry as it is a recommended product by allergy UK. I also love the Ecover Zero washing up liquid it does a great job. I use Ecover Pine and Mint toilet cleaner too!

Dettol – I use the Multi Surface Spray – again recommended by Allergy UK. I also use the Dettol floor cleaning wipes.

Wilkinsons Window Cleaning Cloths – these do a fab job with just water – one cloth to clean (wet) and one cloth to wipe away the water (dry).

Feather duster – for the hard to reach areas.

I have a set of cleaning products downstairs and a set of cleaning products all are stored in a locked cupboard in each location to keep them safely away from my children! The only things I don’t have duplicates of are the Vacuum Cleaner and Ironing bits!

If you are struggling to manage your time and finding it hard to find the time to clean then take a look at The Pomodoro Technique.

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