Morning & Evening Routine

My husband and I both work full time, have a school age child and pre schooler. We rely on routine to help keep our home running smoothly. Now that the kids are all getting older, there is so much more to keep track of each day.

Having a clear morning and evening routine helps us to stay on track and make sure all of the important jobs get done.

A morning and evening routine is also important, because it helps you to set your mood for the day. Having a routine also means you will spend more time on the important things. You can take time to focus on yourself instead of always reacting to whatever comes your way.

Morning and evening routines help keep you on track throughout your day. Instantly create more order in your life by following a simple morning and evening routine.

Dr Karan Raj an NHS Doctor with a large Tik Tok following has come up with a list of things that you should not do in the morning, from hitting the snooze button to checking your phone! Dr Raj states that hitting snooze puts you back into another sleep cycle meaning you could wake more groggy.

Checking your phone first thing is also a bad idea:

Dr Raj explained in his video that as we wake up our brains gradually go from what’s called ‘delta to theta to alpha brain wave activity.’

This means that your brain is becoming more alert through gradual stages, but if you interrupt that cycle by using your phone, your brain will skip straight to the alpha phase and become alert too quickly. 

Karan warned this will keep you on edge ‘all day.’

Dr Raj also had bad news for coffee drinkers as he stated that our bodies naturally produce cortisol between 8 & 9 so drinking coffee first thing would not have much affect. The first coffee of the day should be after this 9am time. I do not drink coffee, but I have been guilty of both hitting snooze and checking my phone early in the morning.

When building your morning routine it would be advisable to take note of some the points Dr Raj makes!

Remember that starting a new routine takes time to plan out. Also sticking to a new routine takes 12 weeks practice before it becomes a habit!