Weekly Cleaning schedule & Weekly cleaning checklist

Cleaning your home should not be be a time-consuming or daunting task. With the right weekly cleaning schedule it can be manageable. I have created a simple and easy weekly cleaning schedule with checklist. As a busy Mum of two I just needed a weekly cleaning routine and weekly cleaning checklist that was quick and easy to stick to. I now keep my home clean in around 30 minutes Monday to Friday – this low maintenance weekly cleaning checklist leaves weekends free (except for daily jobs!)!

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This weekly cleaning routine has been designed to be adaptable so whether you have a 6 bed mansion (no me neither) or a 1 bed flat the cleaning schedule will keep your home sparkling, clean and fresh feeling.

The 52 week cleaning checklist – includes the whole house including bathroom and ironing. Easy to follow daily and weekly cleaning routine. The only household chores list you will need!

I am a married Mum of two who works full time. Until recently I found the best way for us to keep on top of the cleaning was to hire a cleaner every fortnight. That all changed the day I received my diagnosis of a severe dust mite allergy – the house and cleanliness suddenly became a top priority to help me manage and alleviate my symptoms. This 52 week weekly cleaning schedule has kept me on track.

I initially created this easy weekly cleaning routine to help my dust allergy. It has been so easy to stick to and now I never have to worry if unexpected gusts turn up as the house is always clean! I love that the weekly cleaning routine is structured so the weeks are pretty busy, but we manage to get the weekends to ourselves mostly – except the quick daily jobs which needs to be done.

The weekly cleaning schedule is very easy to follow and should take no longer than 30 minutes to an hour a day (maximum!). Some days are quicker than others! There were some jobs that had to be matched together otherwise it didn’t make sense – for example there is no point dusting and hoovering a bedroom and then leaving on a duvet set that is covered in dust that has flown around the room in the process!

Cleaning Tips:

How can I keep on top of cleaning when I work full time?

The weekly cleaning checklist is designed by a full time working parent. It is designed to fit into a busy life.

What is the best way to stay on top of the housework.

The best way to stay on top of the house work is with a regular cleaning routine.

Should you dust or hoover first?

You should begin by dusting. The dust will fall onto the floor and the be hoovered.

How often should you dust your house?

Dusting should be done weekly. Baseboards can be done monthly.

How often should you change your bedding?

Bedding should be washed weekly. mattress protectors don’t need washing as often and can be washed once a month. Remember to turn your mattress every 6 months too!

How often should you clean your windows?

Living with a toddler, the inside of my windows get cleaned weekly. I also find that cleaning them weekly makes it a quicker job!

How often should you clean your skirting boards or baseboards?

At least once a month.

How often should you clean your oven?

If the oven is visibly dirty after you have used it – think casserole gravy spills or pizza cheese dripping down the sides of the racks then clean it once it has cooled down.

Regularly clean your oven once a month.

How do you clean oven door glass?

Carefully! Consult your instruction manual before using any harsh abrasive cleaners. Do not anything sharp as it might not cause visible damage but it could still damage the glass which could make it explode.

What is the best way to clean a stainless steel extractor fan?

I have seen lots of tips on this, some of which sound quite dangerous! The easiest way to make an extractor fan sparkle is to clean it with a damp microfibre cloth and then polish it with just a dry window cleaning cloth.

How to stick to a cleaning routine?

Make yourself accountable! Grab the weekly cleaning routine, leave it somewhere you can easily see it so that you have a visual reminder & remember to share jobs between family members. Give yourself a little weekend treat for sticking to the routine every day that week.

How to fit cleaning in when you work full time

Follow the schedule. The jobs are broken down into manageable daily tasks. Even if you commit to 25 minutes every weekday you will see a big difference. Tidy up as you go along. Declutter so that cleaning can be quickly.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Tips

  • Keep your home clutter free.
  • Wash up as you go along.
  • Tidy something away when you have finished using it.
  • Find a home for everything.
  • Invest in storage solutions.

This weekly cleaning checklist has been designed to fit in seamlessly with daily life.

As you will see washing clothes is something that needs to be done daily, especially in a family of four if we skip a day it’s game over and we are swamped! We try to be a little eco friendly with our clothes washing and wash underwear and T Shirts after each use but wear pyjamas, hoodies, jumpers and jeans around 2-3 x between washes – unless visibly dirty or unless anyone in the house is unwell with a bug. If anyone is unwell everything gets washed daily! Washing less often will save energy. Drying clothes outside rather than using a tumble dryer will also save energy.

If you are struggling to manage your time and finding it hard to find the time to clean then take a look at The Pomodoro Technique. I hope you enjoy the weekly cleaning schedule.