Warwick Castle Review

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Warwick Castle Haunted Castle Review

We were recently invited to review The Haunted Castle event at Warwick Castle. The Haunted Castle is a spooky event that takes place for a week at Warwick Castle annually during Halloween half term. It makes for a fun Halloween themed family day out in the midlands! At the end of my Warwick Castle Review, you will find some Q&As, but if you have any other questions which I have not covered then feel free to get in touch with me via social media & I will try my best to answer them for you!

Warwick Castle Review

The Medieval Warwick Castle was built in 1068 by William The Conquerer.

Inside, the castle has some seriously impressive displays, including wax works of Henry Viii and his 6 wives, a huge porridge pot and lots of swords, guns and amour. The great hall, The Rose Suite and the state rooms are very opulent and the design is very regal in nature.

The Tower experience had lots of steps but was well worth it for he views at the top.

Warwick castle is great for kids and adults alike. There is plenty of history and rich architecture. No review of Warwick castle would be complete without mentioning the incredible Zog themed Playground

Zog Playland is amazing, it was perfect for both my 3 year old and my 8 year old.

The Zog playland is fully enclosed with just one path in making it very easy to keep a close eye on the little ones!

There is a Zog slide, a zip wire, a tunnel with tv screen inside, a couple of swings, a larger slide with a Zog themed sound effect and a lovely little coffee shop with seating area for grown ups to have a well earned relax!

There is also a Zog statue which has the castle in the distance – perfect for that instagram shot!

Warwick Castle is also home to a Horrible Histories Maze. The maze was a big hit with the kids as well and it had some play equipment at the end which made a great prize for kids for finding their way through the maze.

Warwick Castle Haunted Castle Review

Warwick Castle is steeped in history. The castle is an impressive piece of medieval architecture and is simply stunning. The Halloween theming was really suited to this type of venue.

The Haunted Castle event really brings Warwick castle to life for families with shows, characters, tours and special spooky attractions such as Upscares Downscares, Foolish Ghouls and Dead Centre stage.

Upscares downscares was by far the busiest attraction. We went straight to the queue when we arrived and received a ticketed return time which was for 11:30am. At our return time the queue was quite small with a handful of people in front of us. By the afternoon the queue was very long so my top tip would be to head straight to Upscares downscares and get your return time!

Upscares downscares was an immersive experience where you followed a storyline and it was thrilling from beginning to end.

Foolish Ghouls was a walk through experience where you learned the history of common causes of death for people in past centuries.

Dead centre stage had a packed schedule with something on every half hour or so. We were treated to Halloween discos and lots of interactive family fun!

The star of the show had to be the headless horseman riding around on a horse – it engaged both adults and children alike!

We missed the Falconers Quest bird of prey show as we were busy doing other attractions at both time slots which was a shame.

Warwick Castle – Useful Information

Is Warwick Castle suitable for buggies and wheelchairs?

There are paths, however some of them are cobbled. There is a wheelchair lift to aid with entry into the castle but obviously some areas are not accessible due to narrow spiral staircases.

Is Warwick castle suitable haunted castle suitable for everyone?

Each exhibition/attraction had a list outside stating what it was not appropriate for. A few of them were not appropriate for asthmatics and claustrophobics so I did not personally go in those ones and nor did George, however the rest of the family did. There were lots of other conditions listed on the sign such as pregnancy and heart issues among others.

Is the Warwick Castle Haunted Castle event suitable for younger children?

Yes, my 3 year old really loved it.

Is there a play area or park at Warwick castle?

Yes! There is a playground, themed around the book Zog by Julia Donaldson.

Is there allergy friendly food at Warwick Castle?

I checked out the restaurant during our trip and was really pleased to see that Warwick Castle catered well for allergies. Food was very clearly labelled with all of the top 14 allergens including dairy, gluten and nuts. There were dairy free and gluten free choices as well as vegan options available on the day we visited.

Can you stay overnight at Warwick Castle?

Absolutely! Warwick castle has created the purpose built Knights Village. There are standard woodland lodges which sleep up to 5 and larger Knights Lodges which sleep up to 7.

During the summer months there are also clamping pods available.

Overnight guests can join in with a range of additional evening activities – so keep an eye on what’s on!

Is there Warwick Castle Halloween event on during the day or during the evening?

Both! You can purchase a ticket for either the daytime events or the night-time events. They daytime events have a family feel. At night-time you can expect a much more grown up, spooky, ghost themed experience!

Is there a gift shop at Warwick Castle?

Yes, there is a fab gift should and it is reasonably priced. We bought a sword toy for £8 which is a huge hit and has been played with every day this half term week in our back garden!

Our trip to Warwick Castle Haunted Castle Event was gifted in exchange for an honest review of Warwick Castle.